Distributed human data
to fuel digital intelligence

The ultimate source to collect human supervised data.

Where brains meet big data
How it can work for you:
The data you need to train and transform data for AI and IoT
Data collection
Collect any data set a phone can capture: data sets of images, videos, audios, files.
Labelling and categorisation
Add labels or categorise actions and content in images and videos.
Detect motion: beginning or end of actions in video footage.
A complete suite of annotation tools: bouncing boxes, segmentations masks, polygons, cuboids.
How it can work for you:
Get real insights about your products and customer behaviour
Transform any type of images, videos or audio into accurate text.
Sentiment analysis
Get opinions of any kind to get insights about the impact of your product.
Price analysis
Tap into collective price perception to fine tune pricing strategy.
How it can work for you:
Analysing data from urban ecosystems for data driven public policies
Geo annotation
Object detection, counting and measuring trees, vehicles, and other urban displays
Public infrastructure monitoring
Based on publicly images or videos, we can provide insights about traffic jams, parking patterns, bicycles.
Event detection
Measuring and predicting crowd movements to help planning large scale events
How it can work for you:
Tracking and analysing data to evaluate customer behaviour and improve shopping experience
Content moderation
Moderation of comments, profiles, pages, photos, videos, audio to keep your content neat.
Stock monitoring
Product placement assement: see how your products are displayed in physical stores.
Behavioural data from videos and sensors
Heatmaps, dwelling time analysis and efficiency of campaigns
We’ve built a new way of collecting and tranforming large amounts of data that merges AI and human supervision.
Data control and security
For sensitive or confidential data we offer tailored solutions that guarantee your data stays with you.
Controlled costs
Data cleaning can take up considerable amount of valuable time of your team members - Senson is the smart way to get the data you want within your budget.
Unprecedented accuracy
Our data collection and supervision methods are designed to deliver the most accurate and precision data you can get.
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Senson is a Data-as-a-service enterprise focused on adding human intelligence to big data.

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We are a cutting edge startup merging artificial and human intelligence.

We specialise in collecting and transforming big data with a human-in-the-loop layer, which allows us to harness human intelligence in combination with deep learning and big data, offering an unprecedented level of granularity and quality.